Polishing / Buffing

Polishing is the operation of removing rough scratches, tool marks and course surfaces left after forging, rolling or drawing using wheels and abrasives specifically developed for each process. Many steel or non-ferrous metal parts are given a satin finish while others require a high luster. This high luster or “color” is obtained through the buffing operation. The buffing process is a form of surface finishing which removes a small amount of material. This provides a surface with an attractive appearance and high shine or luster.

Prior to the polishing or buffing process, cleaning and degreasing is often required to achieve the desired result. These processes are often performed prior to subsequent finishing processes such as electroplating, although polished / buffed surfaces can be used as a standalone finish.

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Polishing Buffing Other Services
#3 Finish – Grain Finish #7 Finsih – Smooth, Bright Deburring
#4 Finish – Architectural #8 Finish – Mirror Degreasing
#4 Finish – Sanitary Lacquering
#6 Finish – Fine Grain