Chrome Plating

Chrome plating is a commonly used metal finishing process for decorative and industrial applications. Chrome is typically plated over a nickel surface and is used to produce a visually appealing decorative finish that also increases corrosion and wear resistance. In industrial applications, higher levels of electrical current are used for increased thickness which significantly improves the longevity and integrity of the substrate.

Nickel Plating

Nickel plating can be used as a standalone finish or as a base layer for subsequent plating processes. Like chrome plating, nickel can be used for both industrial and decorative applications. For decorative applications, nickel can produce a dull, matte color for a satin finish or brightener may be added to produce a shiny mirror finish. Nickel can also be applied through a current-free electroless process (see our Electroless Nickel services).

Copper Plating

Copper plating as a standalone finish is most often used for applications that require a high level of conductivity, such as electronics. Copper is less effective at preventing wear and corrosion than nickel and chrome. Copper is often used as a base layer as part of the Copper > Nickel > Chrome plating process and can be applied via an alkaline or acid solution.

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Electroplating Capabilities:

Plating Material Hexavalent Chrome Copper
Black Chrome Black Oxide
Finishes Dull Mirror
Bright Black
Satin Antique
Substrates Brass Aluminum
Zinc Copper
Stainless Steel
Pre-Plate Process Ultrasonic Chromate
Alkaline Soak Hydrocloric Acid
Alkaline Electro-cleaning Sulfuric Acid
Application Rack Selective
Plating Characteristics Decorative Appeal Friction Reduction
Corrosion Resistance Surface Hardness
Wear Resistance Protective
Increased Conductivity
Max Part Length 36″
Production Volume 1 to 1,000,000+
Industries Architectural Hardware Medical
Automotive Aerospace
Security/Law Enforcement Electronics
Testing Thickness/Hardness
Salt Fog/Salt Spray
Typical Lead Time 3-5 days
Pickup/Delivery Pickup and delivery available throughout the Northeast